Wolf Island

Being bitten doesn’t change the man who becomes a wolf. Only the love of a strong alpha does that.

Markus Julson IV is a billionaire investment financier who lives in New York with his husband, Danny Fletcher. His family has led the Manhattan pack for more than a century. Once a month, he flies to a secluded island in the ocean to let the wolf living in him run free. But when a stranger crashes onto his island and is bitten by his wolf, Markus’ world changes in an instant.

Dr. Peter Roberts is an assistant professor of marine cell and molecular biology at NYU whose research vessel is forced ashore onto an uncharted island during a storm. To find help, he leaves the protection of the boat and is bitten by a wolf during the storm, which changes him in more ways than one.

Markus must quickly bring Peter into the underbelly of wolf politics, because their chance encounter on the island may be fate or something more sinister. To further complicate things, Markus must manage his life with his husband while dealing with his wolf, who has chosen Peter as his mate.

Polyamorous relationships with paranormal beings are always complicated.


Reader advisory: This book has a scene of double anal penetration, and a murder.