A Choreographed Coup Cover

Unseen enemies, hidden agendas and a love that defies all odds… The battle against extremism gets personal.

Graduate student Blayne Dickenson and boy-band member Ethan Bond are jolted out of their lives when a concert takes a deadly turn, marking the beginnings of a meticulously planned coup on the shadowy organization known as The Foundation.

An unexpected, injured visitor thrusts them deeper into this chaos, revealing a conspiracy against Pennington University. As threats mount, Blayne and Ethan’s bond becomes their anchor amid the chaos. Yet, when caught in the crosshairs of a vengeful vendetta, can their love withstand the onslaught?

By some, they are honored as heroes, but their accolades come with perilous consequences. A lethal threat shadows their every step, demanding a perilous dance of wit and courage. Can they avert a catastrophic blow from a homegrown extremist group, or will their world crumble? Will their relationship with The Foundation take unexpected twists?