Jason Wrench

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Jason Wrench writes. He write a lot. He’s the author of 12 Days of Murder (November 2021) and Till Death Do Us Wed (February 2022), and the Up on the Farm series: Finding a Farmer (August, 2022), Bewitched by the Barista (September, 2022), and Sanctuary for the Surgeon (January, 2023), Catching the Composer (May 2023), Wolf Island (October, 2022), and the Love and Liquidation Series: Boy Bands and Bullets (November 2023), A Choreographed Coup (April 2024), and Rhythmic Reclamation (June 2024) all with Pride Publishing. He›s also the author of The Veil and Jekyll/Hyde. And he’s the man behind the cozy mystery penname, J. J. Justice.

When he’s not writing novels, he’s a college professor at SUNY New Paltz in the Department of Communication. In that capacity, he’s authored or edited twenty academic books, thirty-five plus research articles, and numerous chapters in other books.

In his downtime, he loves reading/writing, Broadway, coffee, and his puggle, Max (6-year-old) and Teddy (16-year-old).

He’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Textbook and Academic Author Association.

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